The Congress
About the IBCS 2016
Inspired by the idea to experience Science in its pure form, we devote all our efforts to shed light of latest science achievements among the medical society through organizing International Biomedical Congress of Sofia (IBCS) 2016. The tagline of IBCS 2016 is – “Progress through molecular vision”. It contains our primary message we want to emphasise on, namely to show the crucial importance of research approaches on molecular level and the immense significance of the translational medicine in terms of seeking new perspective in novel treatments and improving diagnostic methods through biomedical research. Driven by the necessity of sharing innovative ideas we will bring forward to you captivating keynote speakers ready blow your minds with avant‐garde thoughts provoking in you not just a brainstorming but a thunderstorm of neuronal action potentials. Furthermore you will test your practical and manuals skills during our workshops and interactive challenges. IBCS 2016 would be held under the patronage of the rector Acad. Prof. Dr. Vanyo Mitev, MD, PhD, DSc of Medical University – Sofia and co‐organised by Student Council of the Medical University – Sofia and Association of Students Explorers (ASE).
It will take place from 25th to 28th of February 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Spas Kerimov
President of IBC‐Sofia 2016

For more information visit us - http://ibc-sofia.org